Longsands Community Primary School

Together Everyone Achieves More

Longsands Lane, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 9PS

Telephone: 01772 795676

email: office@longsands.lancsngfl.ac.uk


Should you wish to contact a member of the governing body, please email school at office@longsands.lancsngfl.ac.uk 

Once received, this email will be sent directly to the relevant school governor.

 Chair of Governors: Mrs J Greenhalgh and Mrs J Truby


Standards and Effectiveness Committee             Finance, Expenditure and Buildings Committee

Mrs S McKeown                                                      Mr S Berry

Mr P Seagraves                                                      Mr P Seagraves

Mrs G Parkinson                                                     Mr D Brewster

Mrs J M Luckraft-Voges                                           Mrs J Gibson

Mr S J Hall                                                              Ms A Waddingham

Mrs J Gibson                                                           Mrs S McKeown

                                                                             Mr S J Hall 



Grievance Committee & Complaints                    Pupil Discipline Committee

Appeals Committee                                                Mrs J Greenhalgh

Mr D Brewster                                                        Mr S Berry

Mr S J Hall                                                             Mr D Brewster


Performance Management/Pay Committee        Staff Discipline/Dismissal and Attendance Committee

Mrs J Greenhalgh                                                    Miss K James

Mr D Brewster                                                         Mrs J Gibson

                                                                             Councillor Mrs C Thomas


Nominated Governors                                           Staffing/Personnel Committee

Child Protection – Mrs J Greenhalgh                         Mrs J Greenhalgh

Schools Portal Champion – Mrs J Truby                    Mrs S McKeown

Foundation Stage – Mrs G Parkinson                        Mr P Seagraves

Numeracy – Mrs A Waddingham                              Mrs J Truby

Assessment Governor – Mrs A Waddingham             Councillor Mrs C Thomas

Literacy – Miss K James                                           

SEN – Mrs J M Luckraft-Voges

LASGB – Mrs J Truby

Link Governor – Mrs J Truby