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Well we have made it and all in one piece!

You would think the children had never seen sweets or a vending machine before. The sugar rush was immense!

We had a bit of an adventure after the first activities..........we had a power cut ..........dinner by candlelight was very romantic.

They went to bed amongst a flurry of toothpaste and showers followed by more sweets. I spoke to them all at 11, 12 and 1 by which time I was not by usual cheery self.

It didn't stop them waking up at 6 am today and we have had room inspections this morning and I have to say after after a little cajoling we have rooms nearing tidiness.

The children had a good breakfast,if they wanted it and I can assure you they will do tomorrow.

I will try and get some photos on when I have some.

I will update you again tomorrow activities call or was that the sound of sweets falling in the vending machine.








Good Morning from a dry and sunny Lockerbie Manor. The children have had a better nights sleep nearly all asleep by 11 pm one or two tears  mainly because they were tired, and no before you ask it was not your child so stop worrying. We had our Disco last night unusual as we normally have it on the last night Oh well I will just have to tell them a story.......HA HA HA (evil laugh).

The Disco was great with lads propping up the bar, if we had one and girls dancing, at first but I have to say as the evening progressed many of the lads were throwing some serious shapes,Respect!

I had to wake a lot of the children this morning which is always a good sign

The non breakfast eaters are eating breakfast and see why they need it  but I am still amazed at their capacity to drink fizzy drinks and eat sweets as soon as they open their eyes. Pictures will be on this morning as the gremlins appear to have left me in peace today.

Until tomorrow

Morning again, we are dry again after yesterday afternoon and evening when it was very wet. It did not dampen our spirits though and mud and activities were the order of the day. The boot room is a nightmare with 3 schools trying to hang all their waterproofs coats and muddy shoes on the same piece of floor. But we are lucky enough to have staff at Longsands who managed to gather all available hangers.

We now have children who can ride bikes who could not before some may be asking for new ones as they are so proud of their achievements.

They have been very brave and most have attempted every activity even if they have been scared. They have come up with their own games as well indoor football rugby sweet eating! The room inspection each morning has been a success with all the children wanting to get the highest possible score, currently 4.75 out of 5, you would be very proud of them. Tonight we will be having a story involving a duel a murder unrequited love and a cabbage ! All will be revealed... until dark,  I shall bid you farewell.

Well we are at our last night and packing. We have two activities tomorrow lunch and then home, but as most of my time will be spent trying to match up children with stray socks and odd shoes I thought I would do our final update tonight. There are a lot more photographs as I have been round again and tried to make sure they are all on at least one I hope I have not missed anyone but they do not stand still for long.

Did I tell you we are having a story later…………..

One of the photos you see will be of a portrait of Rose the Spanish wife of the 3rd Marquis of Queensbury the homicidal maniac they tend to forget about, so much so that John Douglas who was responsible for the Queensbury rules and the downfall of Lord Byron is actually known as the 8th Marquis and not the 9th as he should be. Anyway back to the story true……..maybe fiction ……….could be ………… in fact I will leave that for the children to tell when they get home. We should be back around 4pm tomorrow as we have lunch at one and by the time we are all back on the coach and leaving it should be 2pm.

Mrs. Wilds will text you when they are close and update you if needed.

We have had a great time and the children are shattered let alone the staff.

So it’s good night from Lockerbie Manor lets hope we get some sleep after the story, imagination is a  powerful thing…………..