Longsands Community Primary School

Together Everyone Achieves More

Longsands Lane, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 9PS

Telephone: 01772 795676

email: office@longsands.lancsngfl.ac.uk


School Aims

Longsands Community Primary is noted as a school with a warm welcoming and caring atmosphere where everyone feels secure and valued and in which visitors are respected.

To develop a positive ethos, which will promote a caring and sharing atmosphere; in which all concerned show a respect for the feelings and rights of each other.

To provide a learning environment which enables each child to achieve their maximum potential. Due consideration being given to those children with Special Educational Needs.

To provide each child with an equal opportunity to develop academically, personally, socially, physically and culturally.

To endeavour to develop in the children a feeling of self worth and esteem to enable them to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and to grow up with an awareness of the needs of the community and the part that they can play in it.

That the whole school community are all actively involved working together to promote the aims and ideals of the school.





We are concerned at maintaining the ‘Highest of Standards’ here at Longsands, as you are well aware.  From time to time we need to re-enforce our expectations, so accordingly, could you please ensure that your child wears the correct uniform. This includes: only plain studs for earrings, no jewellery (unless that of a religious nature),  has long hair tied back at all times, no extreme haircuts, no trainers and P.E.kits are to be in school at all times


Please remember school starts at 8.55a.m. not 9.00a.m. or later, as some people seem to think.  Children get distressed when they are late.


Please can you make sure your child has a water bottle in school with their name on it,  as children do get very thirsty, especially after P.E. lessons.


When picking your child up after an after-school activity, please could all parents wait for their child outside, as children are still getting changed. Thank you.


Please can you also let Discovery Vine know if your child is taking part in an after school club or is being picked up by anyone different than usual.


Could you also please ensure, that you speak to your child about having ‘Good Manners’.  If we are working together on these matters, then we should ‘MAKE A DIFFERENCE’


Thank you for your co-operation.




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