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Lockerbie 2017


Welcome to the Lockerbie 2017 page. We will be uploading pictures to this page throughout the trip and hope you get the chance to see what we have been up to.


If we get chance, we might put up some blogs from the children - a brief paragraph or two about the day's activities. However as everyone is so busy and the days so full, we might not get chance. Hopefully the photographs will you give you a flavour of the sort of things that we are doing.


We are also using the school PE Twitter feed @LongsandsSport as another way of keeping in touch. Please feel free to give us a follow and tweet back.


We tried to get a picture or two in every pod on the first night, so you could see how well everyone settled in. These pictures were taken just before lights out (!)

Due to excessive Haribo consumption and a little excitement, lights out was a little bit before anybody got much sleep...

A selection of images from the Tuesday morning sessions at Lockerbie. These show breakfast, the world's muddiest assault course and crate stacking. Loads of smiles, loads of teamwork and loads of mud. 

Hopefully we will get some images from the Tuesday evening sessions posted later.

Some slightly blurred shots of one of groups at the initiative task activity. This particular activity involved the children having to get the pipe off the wooden stake without entering the circle. They had 2 ropes to help. Their solution was to make 2 lassos and then pull them tight to lift the plastic. Great teamwork!!

This is what Tuesday evening looked like. Food in the hall (notice some of the children nodding off..) and then wrapped up warm out to abseil, climb or crate stack. Loads of children really pushed themselves and nobody refused to give the activities a try. Loads of encouragement for each other and a really good evening, well done everyone!!

Lots of tired children by the end and most were tucked up well before 10.

Some group shots from earlier today, before the afternoon activities got underway.

Bivouac building and the return of the world's muddiest obstacle course (not quite as muddy as yesterday). Again the bivouac activity is all about working together and the children help and encourage each other around the obstacle course too.

Wednesday archery group

Early evening zip wire group. The light was starting to fade by the end which has left us with some nice silhouettes of the children in mid run. The children got two runs in and it was extremely cold. One or two had to overcome their initial fears but everyone completed both runs!

Thursday's daytime abseiling group, again everybody had a really good go at this challenging activity..

The high wire activity. This is a real test, working at quite a height. Again we have been so impressed at how everybody was willing to push themselves and also how the children supported and encouraged each other to do their best.

Pictures from the low ropes exercise today. A lot of this activity is based on trust - some of the pictures on the lawn show children trust falling into their partners - who are positioned to catch them. As you can see from the pictures on the equipment, the children are responsible for each others safety when others are on the apparatus.