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Playground Leaders - Year 5 children who can deliver games and activities at break times...

Playground Leaders

We have recently put a group of year 5 children through a training course so that they can become playground leaders.

This means that they have the skills and knowledge to set up safe, educational and most importantly fun activities in the playground. They will start working with KS1 children at break times.

It was decided that year 5 children would be best suited to this so that they could train up children from the year below them next year and we can keep a cycle of children in this position. This is a position of great responsibility in the school and the children have taken their training very seriously.

The training also means that there are games for EVERYONE to get involved in.

The training involved lots of hands on activities and practising with year 2 children, This allowed the year 5s to hone their skills in how to talk to the KS1 children and best explain games and rules to them so that everyone can get the most from the sessions. The course was run by Sarah Cooper over 3 weeks (2 hours per session) so the children got a huge amount of time to learn the job.

The following year 5 children are qualified Playground Leaders and received a certificate in assembly.

There is a file full of hundreds of different activities which the Playground leaders can deliver - it is located in Class 5.