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Mrs McKeown's Update Friday 5th March

5 March 2021 (by Martin Coyne (m.coyne))

Full Reopening Plans



March full reopening

Key points

How these key points intend to be implemented at Longsands.

‘’Bubbles will be kept as small as possible i.e. the size of a class’’

 We will  have class bubbles so children will stay in their year groups during the day. Entry and exit to school, playtimes and lunchtime  will be staggered.

The school day

Reception class school day will be 8.45-3.15

Year 1 school day will be 8.55 and 3.20 and the children will enter and exit through the KS1 door

Year 2 will be 9.10- 3.30. Children will enter and exit through KS1 door.

Year 3  will be 8.55-3.20 and children will enter  and exit through  their outside class door.

Year 4 will be 9.10-3.30. Children will enter and exit through their class outside door

Year 5 will be 9.10-3.30. Children will enter and exit through the KS2 door

Year 6 will be 8.55- 3.20. Children will  enter and exit through the KS2 door.

Reception and KS1 parents to enter  and leave school grounds via the small gate near Bluebells nursery

KS2 children and parents to enter and leave the the school grounds via the front pedestrian gate .

PARENTS to enable this to work smoothly and safely we would appreciate it if your child  was brought to  school and picked up on time.  Reception and KS1 children should stay with adults until the teacher opens  the door. If your child attends a breakfast or after school club please inform them of these times and plans. Only one adult to accompany children to and from school to avoid congestion .


Lunchtime : Reception and Year 1 @ 11.30-12.30

Year 2 lunchtime will be 12.00- 1.00

KS2   12.45-1.45 .

Extra cleaning of classrooms, toilet and communal  areas will be conducted over the lunch break  

Playtimes  we are lucky to have three playgrounds so this should not be too much of an issue. But playtime will have to be on time and limited to 15 minutes per year groups.


There will be no Key Stage  or whole school assemblies

Parents  to continue to use the drop box in the front porch. Parents will use the intercom system at the front door to talk to office staff.



‘’teachers are permitted to move between bubbles’’

As long as all staff follow social distancing with each other this should not be a problem. PPA can continue and nurture group can continue[ nurture group to be in class groups not mixed]

Due to an extra office being made available both Mr Coyne and Mrs Wilds will be in school each day.

First aid – this can be conducted by the first aiders in class and not to be moved around school . PPE will continue to be available  for use  if dealing with blood, bodily fluids  or another adult.

See RA for more detail .

Staff and contractors will be expected to wear a face covering whilst in any of our communal areas . See RA for more detail.

‘’Resources should not be shared and those resources that are shared should be cleaned regularly’’

Continue with the individual pencil cases kindly donated by the PTFA [ no pencil cases or large bags from home needed]but books etc can be shared within the bubble. All should be cleaned regularly including surfaces.

PE equipment and outdoor equipment can be shared but cleaned after each class uses them . This will be important and a cleaning set will be available  in the hall as it is now. Cleaning stations for classrooms will remain as they are now.  One in Reception class, one in the KS1 area, one in the lower KS2 area and one in the upper KS2 area.

Toilets will need to be monitored and a quick spray clean .

Continue with rigorous hand washing . Books can be taken  home by staff for marking but limit this.

Playtime resources maybe better shared out to each class and kept in class and not shared. Label these resources .

Laptops/headphones  to be regularly cleaned as they are now but be aware of how the laptops are cleaned and should be cleaned by adults not children.

Keep surfaces as clear as you can including the wet area resources.

Reception class  and Year 1 – minimize amount of resources out and used. Less is more .

Changing for PE: children will come to school in their PE kits and remain in them all day. Parents will be informed of their class PE days  . No PE kits will be brought into school.



‘’school leaders will be best placed to understand the needs of their schools and communities , and to make informed judgements about how to balance delivering a broad and balanced curriculum’’

‘’all pupils continue to taught a wide range of subjects….’’

This will continue be our Recovery Curriculum that we have started work on during the Autumn term. All children will be assessed at an age appropriate level in the first few weeks of the full return to ascertain starting points and gaps in learning. This baseline will include how children have engaged with home learning  and also  nurture group needs .  Catchup funding will be used appropriately for each child’s  need.

Timetables will continue to include all areas of learning and subjects to enable our children to have a balanced curriculum.

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