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School Meals update

28 September 2021 (by Martin Coyne (m.coyne))

Temporary Changes to Menu Starting Monday

LCC Schools catering team have been in touch to inform us that it has become necessary to temporarily change the current spring summer published menu and to replace this with a simplified temporary menu alternative.

This has become necessary due to the ongoing difficulties being encountered with food product availability and delivery consistency.

A copy of the temporary menu is included with this communication for your convenience. 

The simplified temporary menu offering will take effect from 4th October and will be in place for a 3-week period.  Kitchens will receive additional stocks of grocery and frozen products during the temporary menu period to, fully, replenish food stores. This will allow kitchens to return to the published menu with a full stock holding, something they have been unable to do since schools reopened with limited stocks following the summer holiday.

We are currently working with Parentpay to enable only meal selections and bookings online to ensure selecting your child’s meal is a much easier process.  We expected this to be available in the next couple of days.  Mr Coyne will contact you with further information and guidance shortly.

In the meantime, if you wish to complete the attached menu and return to school by the 1st October, you may do so.

If you are finding it, difficult downloading a copy there will be some paper copies in the entrance porch at school. Once completed they can be left in the drop box or sent in with your child.