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Mrs McKeown's Update Monday 23rd March 2020

23 March 2020 (by Martin Coyne (m.coyne))

Mrs McKeown – Afternoon Update Monday 23rd March 2020


Thank you again for all your support and patience. Please could you spend some time to read through this guidance:


  • If your child can stay at home, then please keep your child at home. Staying at home is the safest place for children to be.



  • If you, your child or anyone in your family displays any symptoms of the virus then please do not bring your child to school and follow the government guidance about self-isolation.



  • If your child becomes unwell during their time in school, they will be immediately placed in isolation (in accordance with government guidance) and you will be contacted and asked to collect them. If you can’t be reached, the other contacts given will be called. I understand that the school staff will not have to prove or justify their decision about a child’s illness. Your child will be expected to be collected as soon as possible


  • Please leave your child at the side hall door each morning


  • Please ensure you respect the staff member on the door in the morning and when collecting your child-keep your distance when leaving your child. No parents will be allowed in the school building.



  • Whilst your child is in school we will endeavour to regularly clean the areas used, will engage in frequent hand washing, will ask staff to abide by rules for clothing/showering etc., however we are unable to guarantee a virus-free school.



  • We ask that you shower/bath your child, including their hair, when they get home (to reduce the risk of transmission). You should wash your child’s school uniform EVERY DAY.



  • Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school. Please ensure your child wears clean clothes every day to reduce the risk of any contamination



  • DO NOT send any items to the school from home with your child except necessary medication (handed to member of staff on arrival) and their packed lunch/book bag.


Mrs McKeown