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Mrs McKeown's catch up - Tuesday 24th March (PM)

24 March 2020 (by Martin Coyne (m.coyne))

Good afternoon

The weather is helping a little to lift our moods. Long may it last!
I have just heard Discovery Vine will be closing on Friday 27th March until the situation improves. Longsands will only be open from 8.55 until 3.20 . Anytime before of after that we will not be able to look after the children who would normally be attending Discovery Vine. 
As we know the present crisis is not ideal for the children. I know as parents you will be concerned over your childs progress and trying to ensure they continue to learn.
My ideal for the children in our school.
- a bit of reading every day[independent  or to them or via audio book.}
- some free writing now and then . If they wish to keep a diary thats great if not make a comic.
- practical hands on maths . Be that via cooking , cleaning  or maths games.
- physical exercise every day.Whether its using Joe Wicks or just outside digging in  the mud or gardening. 
- some art/,music where possible during the week.
- imaginative free play. This will encourage vocabulary  . This can be done using the farm animals, using lego people, cars and trains for the younger children. 
- for the older children find a topic for them to research online and make a notebook of interesting things, have family quizzes around that topic. 
All these activities are similar to those being completed in school at the moment .
Do not panic about home schooling .You are doing enough. You are loving them through a difficult time .
Mrs Mc Keown 

We have been made aware that people are sending out fraudulent emails asking for your bank details if you are entitled to free school meals whilst schools are closed.

We would never ask for your bank details in this way.

If you receive one of these emails please do not respond.