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Welcome to Year 3 from Mr Box and Mrs Short


 Please contact me via email  s.box@longsands.lancsngfl.ac.uk 

On Friday 5th May, school was visited by Kids Photography Club. They gave a short assembly to the whole school and then Class 3 were lucky enough to have an hour long taster session - even better because it was a complete surprise!!


Below is some of the footage shot by the drone. We had an absolutely brilliant time with the drone and using the cameras. Look out for some really interesting and exciting photgraphs lower down the page. We had a go at Super Macro close up photography as well as taking photographs of each other! 

Hello from Class 3!

Class 3 from above! Can you see your house?

Class 3 chase the drone!

Another view from the drone

Here is an outline of the topics covered during the first half of the Summer Term.


Adventure stories - writing with suspense and mystery, editing writing

Maths Graphs, bar charts, 2d shape, angles
RE Buddhism (with Mr Hudson)
Science  Light and Dark
Geography/History Egyptians



Digital Media

PE Athletics



Digital Media

PSHE Relationships
Music  Wider Opportunities - taught by Lancashire Music Service Samba
French Calendar






As part of the new curriculum we have been given a list of words which children should learn to spell in year 3 and 4. Please feel free to look at these words and practice at home. At the beginning of each week I will give the children 10 words from this list to practice each week to be tested on the following Monday. 

Word List



 As you can see from the list above we have various areas which we will be studying during the term, we try to write at length in all areas including topic and science. This half term we are trying to write mystery and suspense stories. We will be using a variety of film clips, stories and music as inspiration for this. We will also be writing in our Egyptians topic and any experiments that we carry out in science will be written up too.


We have plenty of opportunity for reading in class. We have daily guided reading sessions and independent reading

g first thing in the morning. Children are also encouraged to take part in the reading challenge activity. Children can read their own books for this or books from school, as I am sure you are aware we have been really lucky that the PTFA have provided and extensive range of reading books for the whole school, which have proved to be really popular.







Children will be working through times tables and will be tested weekly on these - this half term we will be practising 12s and 7s and then we will be mixing it up a little and have challenges against the clock. Some maths lessons will start with times table grids which the children have to fill in.

The children will have individual logins to MyMaths and also IXL both of which provide exciting tasks which go alongside what we learn in class. We will have a weekly IXL session in class and children will be encouraged to use this at home. We trialed this last year and it proved to be quite competitive!


Below are some suggested maths pages should you wish to play on line maths games with your child








This term we will be focusing on Egyptians and Ancient Egypt.

As always with topic work, if children want to do some research themselves at home, I'm more than happy for them to come into class and share their work. As with the volcano and other work last year I am happy to put a display book together full of their information. I also encourage children who have done work at home to come in and read out their work to the class in a 'show and tell' kind of session. Any work from home will be rewarded with team points too.

If anybody has any books, resources, artefacts etc. that they are willing to share, I am happy for these to come into class too. We have an extensive range of resources in class and also have additional books, posters and artefacts available through the Lancashire Museum Service.


Science is all about light and dark, sun, shadows, how we see light.

P. E.

Year 3 have their PE lessons on Wednesday and Thursday.  Please ensure your child has their kit with them in school at all times and that all items are clearly labelled.  It is essential that all kit is named. For outside games children may bring with a pair of tracksuit bottoms for colder weather. They can also bring a pair of trainers for outdoor P.E. If for any reason your child cannot take part in P.E. they must have a note or else they will have to participate. Earrings must be removed (except for the first 6 weeks after piercing when they can be covered with tape) and long hair must be tied back.


Weekly Homework

Maths homework - red folder

English homework - yellow folder

Handed out Friday with the aim of being returned on Tuesday, we have a very high rate of children doing homework, most weeks 100%. Maths homework will be a task related to the area of study in that week, English homework is usually a reading comprehension task.



Times tables 

Optional Homework

These can be completed to earn team points

Reading challenge

Topic research






In our groups we carried out experiments to see how far a car would run down a ramp covered in different materials.

We devised a FAIR TEST to see what difference the different materials made.

We made predictions about what effects the different surface would have.

We measured the distance the car travelled and recorded the results.

We wrote up the experiment in our science books and drew diagrams of the experiment.


We have been learning about magnets and magnetic forces.

We went around the school looking at different objects and materials to see if they were magnetic or not.

First we predicted whether or not they would be magnetic.

Back in class we tested different materials to see if they were magnetic - we found out that not all metals are magnetic.

We recorded our findings in a table.

We had great fun with the Kids Photography Club who gave us a taster session. We used the macro function on the cameras to take close up images on the field. Here is a selection of the images that we captured, lots of close up shots capturing amazing detail and textures.

Whilst we were getting to grips with using the cameras, we took some pictures of each other. We practised using the camera at different angles and at different distances from the person who were photographing.


We took advantage of the sunny weather to work on our science topic of Light and Shade.


We made sundials in class and then took them outside to mark on where the shadows were at different times. The Sundials had to face south. We should be able to use the sundials to tell the time (if the weather is nice of course).


We also measured our shadows at regular intervals throughout the day. We saw them change length and the direction in which they were cast. We know this is because of the sun appearing to change position in the sky. It appears to move from west to east and also appear high in the sky during the middle of the day.