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Year 6




Welcome to Year 6

Welcome back to the last school year your children will have here at Longsands!  Prepare for a year of hard work, growing up and Fun!

 Year 6 Curriculum Map 

Year 6 Curriculum Map 

Autumn Term


Maths - Lancashire Plans

English - Narratives, auto-biographies, biographies.

Science - Light

History - The Vikings

R.E. Judaism

Art - Drawing skills

P.E. Invasion games.

Music - Lancashire Music Scheme



In year 6 the focus throughout the year is preparing the children for High School. From the minute they come into year 6 they are bombarded with information about High Schools and open evenings.

It is partly this that encourages them to take on more responsibility for their own learning as they begin to realise that they will soon be moving on.

There is a big emphasis on high expectations and the children are expected to produce their best work and always strive to improve. They are also expected to complete homework on time and have learnt spellings and completed any work unfinished in school at home. This also helps to foster an attitude of independence and makes them aware of their responsibility for their own work in preparation for High School.

The children take great satisfaction in seeing their confidence increase when they can see the progress they are making.


The curriculum in year 6:-

Maths – It is essential that children know their times table facts if they are going to be able to access the Y6 maths curriculum. They also need to know the related division facts; for example, 9x7 = 63

63 ÷ 9 = 7;  63 ÷ 7 = 9.  Children need to know their times table facts to 12. I know that many children know their times tables when given time to recall them but it would be much more beneficial to them if they could recall them quickly and confidently.

Children also do arithmetic  tests regularly which help them to find a variety of strategies to help them solve problems quickly and accurately. This also helps to boost their confidence when they see their scores increasing. Children are encouraged to use my maths at home which is an online maths resource and Longsands has subscribed to this. Children have been given their passwords and login details.


English – Children are encouraged to be more adventurous in their vocabulary choices in Y6 and they are actively encouraged to ask what unfamiliar words mean and if unsure to look them up - something all adults in the class demonstrate openly. It would be helpful if this could continue at home. Spellings are given weekly and I explain the meanings of each and I also put them into context in a sentence. Again it would help the children if you could encourage this at home.

Reading – It is true that the more children read the better writers they become; however I am also aware that many children dislike reading and are reluctant to even try and read a fiction story, if this is the case then children should be encouraged to read any type of written text including;-comics; newspapers; games instructions; recipes; the sports section of a newspaper; dictionaries and magazine articles, anything is better than nothing.


SATs – Love them or loathe them, children will be taking these tests next May. This year there will be a change in the tests and the children’s writing will be assessed by the teacher and they will sit a grammar, punctuation, hand writing and spelling test as well as tests for reading and maths. More information about this will be available next year.


Mathematics -
Revision of all subjects including:
Place Value
Addition and subtraction
3D & 2D shape
Narrative fiction, biographies, auto-biographies





PE is on a Monday and Friday. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school for these days.

Games - hockey 





During PSHE we will be working on New Beginnings.
Modern Foreign Languages
Your child will be given numeracy homework most Fridays and this should be returned on Monday. English and spellings will be given on a weekly basis and other homework as and when necessary.
Children are also encouraged to log onto mymaths- a site we have subscribed to, children will be given their passwords during the first week back.
Please encourage your child to read on a daily basis (even magazines) as this will help to develop good reading habits. Please stress to your child how important it is for them to know their times tables as most of the numeracy work in Year 6 involves times tables.
Thank you for your help and support. I look forward to meeting you to discuss your child's progress on Parents' Evening, but do feel free to come in and see me if you are concerned about your child before then.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any worries, concerns or if you would like to discuss any aspect of school life.
I am available before and after school or you can email me at:
Mrs Worden