Longsands Community Primary School

Together Everyone Achieves More

School Aims

Longsands Community Primary is a school with a warm welcoming and caring atmosphere where everyone feels secure and valued and in which visitors are respected.

To develop a positive ethos, which will promote a caring and sharing atmosphere; in which all concerned show a respect for the feelings and rights of each other.

To provide a learning environment which enables each child to achieve their maximum potential. Due consideration being given to those children with Special Educational Needs.

To provide each child with an equal opportunity to develop academically, personally, socially, physically and culturally.

To endeavour to develop in the children a feeling of self worth and esteem to enable them to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and to grow up with an awareness of the needs of the community and the part that they can play in it.

That the whole school community are all actively involved working together to promote the aims and ideals of the school.


Together Everyone Achieves More