Longsands Community Primary School

Together Everyone Achieves More


Thank you to those parents who are contacting me about their child's needs. 


Autumn term update


Please let me know if you would like another SEND get together this term. It would be a morning this time as most of the TAS only work mornings. It would just be a get together with other parents and TAS to share any concerns etc. We have a number of new SEND children in school and it would be good for existing parents to meet new parents.

The links you already have with your child's class teacher and TA are working well and these people are with your child for up to 6 hours a day so they are your first port of call. Staff will come and chat with myself to let me know what is happening with your child and we do have comprehensive SEND records on your child which include IEPS, notes from  meetings with you ,timetables of support and progress. Feel free to ask to look at these folders next time you are in school to discuss your child.