Longsands Community Primary School

Together Everyone Achieves More



Who is the PTFA? 

  • We are Longsands Parents, Teachers and Friend Association 
  • Established in 1997, we have been running for 21 years 
  • We come from a variety of backgrounds 
  • We form a committee to plan events 

When does the Committee meet? 

  • At least once a term altogether 
  • Our AGM takes place every October 

Where does the Committee meet? 

  • Our meetings take place either in school  
  • or locally at the Anderton Arms 

How do we fundraise? 

  • We organise events regularly throughout the academic year, such as raffles, family bingo, discos and our annual summer fair. 

Why do we fundraise? 

  • All the additional funds that we raise go towards the ‘extras’ to make our children’s experience at school the best it can be! 


  • Coming along to events and fundraisers - support in the past has been fantastic.  Thank you!
  • Coming up with new fundraising ideas.
  • Helping out at events – even in the smallest way.
  • Providing goods and supplies for events - gifts, cakes, and so on.

Why not join the PTFA?

We do need more active members to allow us to deliver the fun family events that are often requested by parents, build on the current level of fundraising for the benefit of our children here at Longsands and also to appreciate and bring together the local community.  Being a PTFA member involves helping out as much or as little as you are able to and coming along to meetings when you can.  There is no pressure or obligation to attend all of the meetings, but the more the merrier!